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Scout Design Team

Meet the members of the Scout design team.


Dan, Project Manager, Colony Scout

Project Manager

Howdy! I'm a mechanical engineering student by day, and a roboticist by night. I make sure things are pixel perfect from our websites to SolidWorks CAD models. As manager of the Scout team, I oversee a talented group of engineers who make every design decision worthwhile.


Kevin, Lead Electrical Engineer, Colony Scout

Lead Electrical Engineer

I am an electrical and computer engineering student specializing in computer hardware and firmware. My passion? Designing awesome embedded systems that you use everyday. I also enjoy naming boards after types of flies. I designed the Scoutfly board as well as work with the Mechanical and OS team to provide the hardware needed for the robot.


Brad, OS, Colony Scout

Operating System Master

Hi, I am a computer science student who loves robots! I lead the OS team and I'm also designing Scout's software architecture. I'm hoping to spread my love of robots by creating a system that is reliable and easy to program and understand.


James, Colony Scout Tech Consultant

I consult on design issues, researched potential operating systems and localization module designs, and provided initial encouragement for the Colony Scout project.


Chris, BOM, Colony Scout BOM/Wireless

I'm an electrical and computer engineering major designing some of the additional hardware for the Scout, including the BOM daughter board. I am also interested in software engineering on embedded systems, and I look forward to building and using this new platform.


Rich, OS, Colony Scout Operating System

I am the 1337 h4x0r who helps on the Scout's OS. In my spare time I enjoy keeping servers from exploding and bringing organizations into the social networking scene. Oh, also I am really a monkey.


David, Wireless Systems, Colony Scout Wireless Systems

I'm a physics and computer science student, and dabble in robotics in my free time. I manage the wireless communication subsystem both on the main board and as a bridge between the robots and the internet.