Mechanical Platform

Powered by a robust 4WD system mated to a rocker suspension, the Scout can tackle indoor and outdoor terrain with ease. The cast urethane chassis provides a stable, wear resistant platform for the sensors and payload.

Chassis & Suspension

The Scout chassis was designed from the ground up to be robust and versatile. Fast 320rpm metal gearmotors propel the Scout at a brisk 180cm/s (~4mph). A rocker suspension allows the front and rear half of the robot to rotate independently, conforming to terrain and increasing the maximum payload.

Scout can carry in excess of 15 pounds, or pull (wagon) over 18 pounds on a level surface. Payload possibilities are wide open, from extra batteries to an intelligent, active sensor. Unloaded, Scout can ascend an impressive 80% grade (40deg) at nearly full speed. See the video below for a climbing demo.

The chassis is cast from a hard urethane for a low-cost and high strength solution that minimizes part count. Areas subject to repeated wear such as the front undercarriage and rear accessory plate are coated in a protective diamond plate film. Each Scout can be customized with its own color scheme, adding "personality".

Ease of Use

Components that need frequent access, such as the battery and processing board, are easily accessible. Flat flexible cables (FFC) are used between the two chassis halves, providing one step wiring for easy assembly/disassembly.

The accessory plate provides (6) threaded hardpoints for bolting down new sensors and custom devices.